Learning & support

APPCIOS offers opportunities for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for its full members, senior associate members and associate members. This includes supervision, therapeutic supervision, mentoring and a range of webinars.


APPCIOS runs webinars to help towards full membership, for its own training programmes, and for CPD.  All webinars are run by fully qualified APPCIOS members. 


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Discussion Groups

Discussion Groups or Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are open to everyone - but you will need to take out a free account on the Community Site first.  Just follow this link.  

All our discussion groups are free  -  although some ask for a voluntary donation to APPCIOS - and they are all run by fully qualified members. You need to apply to join the group by emailing the convenor. A link is provided on the information page of each group. 

Discussion Groups

View our current list of discussion groups here...


The library is open to all visitors to the APPCIOS community website and it contains a growing range of material.  This includes links to relevant  material in the public domain, and articles or papers by members of the organisation.   

If you would like to contribute an article of your own, please get in touch;  and if you feel you would like some help please apply to join the Library Help Desk group 


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Supervision and Therapeutic Supervision

These are provided by full members and charged at individual rates agreed with each supervisor and therapist. A full list of members qualified and willing to offer such supervision will shortly be available on our website.

Mentoring and Peer Support

New members who enter at Associate Member and Senior Associate level will be allocated a mentor.

Full members will be part of a reciprocal collegial mentoring programme and be offered an opportunity to join on-line Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Organisational accreditation and training

APPCIOS can accredit your training.  Whether you are an established training organisation or a new provider, we can help you write or enhance your bespoke training programmes to meet APPCIOS criteria. We would be very pleased to hear from you.

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APPCIOS events

Take a look at the webinars we offer and view upcoming events from our partner organisations.

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I’m not trained to be a psychotherapist or a social worker but there are times when I need to be able to be both of those for what I’m asked to do.

Help us to recruit new members…

If you know of anyone who would benefit from APPCIOS membership, please ask them to contact us at admin@appcios.info


Make a donation

If you are able to help us, either financially or by offering some spare time, please let us know by contacting admin@appcios.info