Our aims and mission

APPCIOS is a new, fast growing independent professional association. It was formed in 2011 with a view to providing accreditation, validation and a professional network for psychodynamic practitioners working within organisational settings in a variety of professional roles.

APPCIOS members have demonstrated expertise in psychodynamic practice and counselling
within organisational settings. APPCIOS is not associated with any one training organisation
but is able to accept practitioners from a wide variety of in-house and ‘portfolio’ trainings.

- To be an on-line community for psychodynamic practitioners.
- To offer recognised, non-traditional, portfolio-based trainings in psychodynamic
- To provide accreditation for new and established organisations offering
psychodynamic training.
- To provide continuing professional development to members through webinars,
therapeutic supervision and mentoring.

Organisational accreditation and training

APPCIOS can accredit your training.  Whether you are an established training organisation or a new provider, we can help you write or enhance your bespoke training programmes to meet APPCIOS criteria. We would be very pleased to hear from you.

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APPCIOS events

Take a look at the webinars we offer and view upcoming events from our partner organisations.

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It is all very well studying to improve your skills but unless those skills are validated by accreditation and continually developed within a professional network, then people like me, who work with very vulnerable children and families, have few resources to turn to and can become isolated in the workplace.

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If you know of anyone who would benefit from APPCIOS membership, please ask them to contact us at admin@appcios.info


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If you are able to help us, either financially or by offering some spare time, please let us know by contacting admin@appcios.info