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APPCIOS is a young and developing organisation. It has been in existence for just a few years.  We will be relying on our new members to contribute to its development and direction.

So far, its members and applicants fall into two groups. There are a number of established psychoanalysts, psychiatrists and psychotherapists with a particular interest in organisational work and there are a small group of members who have not previously held a psychodynamic qualification.

You will be charged an annual fee of £50 for APPCIOS membership. Your membership entitles you to inclusion in our register. Full members are listed on our website.  Registration also enables inclusion in the register of the British Psychoanalytic Council for an additional fee.  Unless you are also a member of the BPC your membership will be full but not “accredited”. For full accredited membership, you must also take out membership of the BPC.

We are already and will be continuing, with the BPC, to lobby on behalf of psychodynamic practice generally and within organisations in particular.  In addition, we will be running conferences, again supported by the BPC. We expect these conferences to be vehicles for publicising the work of APPCIOS members to the general public, and also an opportunity for members to meet one another.

Our associate and senior associate members are entitled to mentoring sessions (one per term, lasting approximately one hour) to support them on their journey to full membership. They can also contact their mentor to discuss any membership queries.

We send out regular newsletters to friends and supporters to publicise our work, and the work of our members.

Our website will be revised regularly, to reflect our development as an organisation. We are planning a new learning site which will provide facilities for private group meetings and ongoing discussions. Sign up to our mailing list to receive more information.

Meanwhile, we host a series of blog sites: the APPCIOS community blog site is open to everyone on our mailing list. Other blog sites provide confidential forums where members can exchange information about their work and other professional issues. We are also developing clinical work discussion groups, with their own blog sites, and expect that some degree of participation in these discussions will form a part of members’ required Continuing Professional Development (CPD). New members receive instructions and an invitation to the blog site(s) as part of their welcome pack.

We very much hope that you will grow accustomed to the regular and proactive use of these blog sites. As a new organisation, APPCIOS’s development and future will depend on its initial members and what they are prepared to contribute to its development. As an association devoted to the application of psychoanalytic thinking to organisational life, we hope to model a collaborative and self-reflective community. We hope that members will want to join with us in promoting and publicising the work of our organisation, and we will be using the blog sites and website to discuss ways and means of doing so.

We recognise that members will be able to contribute more fully and pro-actively at certain times than at others, but we cannot develop without your participation. We very much hope that you will see this expectation as a potential benefit, as well as a responsibility.  Many of our members have expressed the need for a professional home. We hope you will be happy to help with some occasional homework!

Organisational accreditation and training

APPCIOS can accredit your training.  Whether you are an established training organisation or a new provider, we can help you write or enhance your bespoke training programmes to meet APPCIOS criteria. We would be very pleased to hear from you.

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